Getting Personal: How Americans Feel About Their Finances

Financial Security

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Getting Personal: How Americans Feel About Their Finances

Financial insecurity is common for most people, especially those in lower income brackets. How do Americans view their financial status and how does the picture vary by age?

How We Feel About Our Personal Finances

Americans seem to be conflicted when it comes to talking about how stable and secure their personal finances are.

56% of Americans view their finances favorably. (1)

But a similar percentage (57%) say they are unprepared for a financial emergency. (1)

And just half say they’re financially secure. (1)

6 in 10

Americans who break even or spend more than they make each month (1)

1 in 3

Americans who have no savings (1)

Biggest financial worries (1)

Lack of savings: 83%

Not enough money to cover expenses: 71%

Not enough money to retire: 69%

Paying other bills: 50%

Paying student loans: 49%

Paying credit card bill: 49%

Paying rent or mortgage: 39%

Americans reporting worrying about their finances (1)

Looking for work: 87%

Those who make less than $25,000: 68%

Those with less than $10,000 in non-housing wealth: 76%

18-to-34-year-olds: 66%

6 in 10

Households that had an unexpected large expense in the past year (drop in income, hospital stay, loss of spouse or partner or major home/auto repair) (1)

Americans who believe it’s common for people to become rich if they work hard (1)

20009: 40%

Today: 23%

1 in 5

Americans who don’t think they’ll ever be able to retire (1)

The Age Gap

Depending on what age group you fall in, your feelings about your own financial picture is likely very different.


Baby Boomers hitting 65 years old every day (2)

Nearly 1 in 3

Households with someone 55+ with no retirement savings (2)

You might assume that means Baby Boomers are the least optimistic of all generations, but that distinction goes to Gen Xers.


Gen Xers who don’t feel at all financially secure, the highest proportion of any generation (3)

Believe that generation is less financially responsible than previous generations (3)

Millennials (18-34): 61%

Gen X (35-49): 56%

Boomers (50-68): 51%

Older (69+): 36%

71% of Millennials are confident they’ll reach their financial goals. (3)