Will I Need to Visit the Campus to Graduate from an Online Master’s in Accounting Degree Program?

Before you choose your college, it’s important to know whether you will need to visit the campus to graduate from its online master’s in accounting degree program. Just because a degree is offered online doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never have to come to campus. Some online accounting programs require face-to-face interactions, and every school and program’s requirements are different.

Face-to-Face Requirements for Online Classes

At schools that require them, on-campus visits can take various forms and occur at various times. Some programs start with a visit, while others culminate in one. You may need to visit the campus for your online master’s in accounting degree program just once for a single-day or multiple-day special event, or you might need to take a course in a physical classroom there.

Why would you need to visit the campus to graduate from an online master’s in accounting degree program? It depends. At some schools, an in-person orientation is required even for online programs so that students can kick off their distance learning education feeling engaged rather than isolated. On-campus orientations might cover topics such as resources and support available to online students and the time-management skills necessary for success in online learning.

Other schools, like Auburn University in Alabama, instead require that students end their online studies with a campus visit. The program includes a residency requirement during the final semester. Because the program doesn’t require students to complete a thesis, this residency requirement can serve as a capstone learning experience. During the required campus visit, students attend a mixture of business seminars, leadership workshop s and social events as part of the Auburn MAcc Leadership Summit.

Finally, some schools require students with particularly ambitious plans to partake in face-to-face interactions. At the University of Texas – Dallas, for example, students who intend to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam must take 15 hours of coursework – half of their graduate classes – on campus. The CPA exam is notoriously difficult. The challenge of preparing students for this tough test is one reason why you may need to visit campus to graduate from an online master’s in accounting program like this one.

Types of Online Programs

College degree programs aren’t divided into only traditional on-campus and online programs. In fact, there are seven different kinds of courses, ranging from those that take place exclusively in physical classrooms to those that are offered in a variety of online and on-campus modes, according to U.S. News & World Report. Some programs are categorized as hybrids, because they blend online and on-campus studies.

Students need to know when they enroll if they will need to visit the campus to graduate from their online master’s in accounting degree program – especially if you’re choosing a school far from home or juggling your education with a strict work schedule.

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