What Types of Jobs Can a Market Analyst with a Masters in Accounting Get?

market analystIn today’s job market, it can be extremely difficult to know when and where to look for a job, depending on demographics and education, salary, job availability, and a variety of other variables, so it is important to know what options are available. Common questions revolve around the field of accounting, with myriad choices – forensic accounting, analysts, those with experience in market analysis, whether or not more education is necessary, and endlessly spinning questions surrounding this field.

Why? Accounting has always been the “sure – no fail” degree to have, but the job market is overflowing with accounting majors. As the candidates continue to become available, the job market continues to grow with more specific needs as well. Add to this the growing global market, accounting is becoming as cloudy as all job markets.

Specific Information About the Options for Market Analysts

A market analyst with a masters in accounting has virtually no worry about finding a job and being able to do so wherever he/she chooses. Assuming that the person prefers to stay within the job market that he/she is familiar with and most talented and experienced with, there are many different types of jobs in a multitude of different business venues available.

According to US News and World Report, market analysts are ranked #61 out of the top 100 jobs and #11 out of the best business jobs currently. The median salary is $75,000 and up, obviously depending on the position, experience, education, and other obvious job variables. Clearly this is an excellent field to consider and those already in the field have a wide open arena of career choices available to them.

Myths and Realities

The financial arena appears glamorous at times, especially in movies like “Wall Street” with Gordon Gekko seemingly a hero in the end, but the reality is that this field includes fierce competition, endless hours and basically no life but this life. One day, one could be worth enough money for ten lifetimes, and with one click of a computer “enter” key, that same person could be insolvent because of a decision made by a market analyst in another country because of a certain change in the stocks within a few hours. Many thrive with this adrenaline-type of lifestyle, sure that they will always be able to “come back”.

They may or may not be millionaires, but they will be able to find work. The job market for market analysts, especially with graduate degrees in accounting, virtually ensures job availability. The field is expected to grow by at least 25% by 2020. As the global market becomes a market that is no longer limited to the United States, financial analysts with diverse knowledge of economies in different countries and the ability to compare and contrast financial decisions in a variety of markets will make this field invaluable.

For those willing to make sacrifices, financial analysts will not lack in ability to obtain a position any time soon. Having a Masters in Accounting ensures a basic knowledge of accounting and being an analyst in the field ensures the ability to make decisions with certainty. If this is a passion, then follow it.

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