What Kinds of Technology Will I Use in an Online Bachelor’s in Accounting Degree Program?

The technology employed in online college degree programs can range from low-tech to high-tech. Some online bachelor’s in accounting students – and online degree programs – require little more than a basic computer and a reliable Internet connection, according to U.S. News & World Report. Other students prefer to use electronics like smartphones and tablets, and some schools incorporate these options into their course formats. You can use whatever kinds of technology you’re comfortable with during your online education, but it’s smart to consider a school’s technology options and requirements when making your college choice.

High-Tech Schools Are Offering Students More Flexibility

Today, some of the top online bachelor’s in accounting degree programs in the United States are embracing new technologies. For example, Walden University uses its own MobileLearn technology in its online courses. Walden students can take advantage of MobileLearn to “choose where, when, and even how” they get and process course information.

Walden’s MobileLearn technology allows students with many different learning styles to access course content in various forms, from traditional texts to video and audio files to field-experience simulations. Students can access videos, written course materials and audio lectures in the form of podcasts, which they can download to a smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or desktop computer. The school also offers a free app that allows students to access important messages, support services and email messages.

Of course, you don’t have to have a smartphone or tablet to access your course materials at Walden University. Most online schools that offer technology compatible with these devices are trying to give students more flexibility, not force them to buy expensive electronics they can’t afford. Options like Walden’s MobileLearn are a selling point for students who may want to access course material on a tablet or smartphone, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in the school’s online courses if you only have the basics.

The Basic Technology You Need for Low-Tech Online College Programs

If you’re not looking for an online bachelor’s in accounting program designed to work on a smartphone or tablet, you can still enjoy an engaging multimedia education experience. Many online college degree programs are incorporating videos, animations and simulations into their curriculum, but it still requires just a computer and Internet connection to access the virtual classroom. However, if you’re trying to get a feel for what tools you may possibly want during your online college career, U.S. News recommended that students consider purchasing a printer, a webcam and headset for video chats, note-taking software and access to a bibliography formatting tool.

If you’re just a casual computer user, don’t let the prospect of technical difficulties deter you from online education. Most virtual classrooms are user-friendly, and most schools offer some form of tech support. If you are highly tech-savvy, you can choose a school that offers flexible technology learning options.

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