What is the Employment Outlook for a Certified Information Systems Auditor?

If you’re training to become an IT professional or you’re already employed in IT, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to become a certified information systems auditor. Would your future employment outlook improve substantially if you were to earn your information systems auditor certification? What is the employment outlook for certified information systems auditors overall?

To determine the answers to these questions, let’s take a closer look at who is earning information systems auditor certification, why these individuals seek it out, what makes the certification valuable and which industries are willing to pay to hire certified professionals.

Common Job Titles for Certified Information Systems Auditors

C!SA certification is one of several different credentials granted by an organization known as ISACA. According to career website Payscale.com, CISA certified employees tend to hold the following job titles:

  • Information Technology Auditor
  • Information Systems Audit Manager
  • Internal Audit Director
  • Information Security Manager
  • Information Security Analyst

The Future Employment Outlook for Certified Information Technology Auditors

Information technology auditors perform audit reviews of their hiring organization’s computerized information systems with the goal of ensuring that all the financial data their colleagues are using is reliable. When tracking salary data and future employment outlook, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics groups information technology auditors with auditors and accountants.

This is a field with exceptional future growth opportunities. BLS analysts forecast that new auditor jobs will be added to the US economy at a rate of about 11 percent through the year 2024. If you want to become an auditor, experts at the BLS recommend ISACA certification as advantageous in demonstrating professional competency in a specialized auditing niche.

Every industry needs accountants and auditors, but future employment prospects are especially good in the following niches: payroll and tax preparation services; business management services; local and state governments; finance and investment funds; oil and gas extraction; and technical consulting services.

The Future Employment Outlook for Certified Information Security Managers and Analysts

Information security is a growing field. The employment outlook in this specialization is highly favorable. Analysts at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast that American companies will create 18 percent more new jobs for information security analysts by the year 2024. Certification is an asset in this field, and it can greatly improve your employment prospects; many hiring managers seek out information security analysts who have earned their certifications.

Virtually every industry needs information security professionals. Every company that stores sensitive data in computer databases or other computerized systems has a need for information security. The employment outlook is especially strong for certified information security professionals in the banking, finance, telecommunications, insurance and computer systems design industries.

Whether your field of specialization is auditing or information security, either way, ISACA’s information systems auditor certification is a valuable credential to have on your resume. Your future employment outlook does improve substantially with your CISA certification in hand; and your employment outlook as a certified information systems auditor would be exceptionally good overall.

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