What Is the Academic Calendar Like for Earning an Online MBA in Accounting Degree?

The academic calendar for an online MBA in accounting degree program can tell you a lot about what to expect from your distance learning business education. When are the program start dates? How long are the terms? How long will it take to earn your degree? Different colleges have different academic calendars for their online MBA in accounting degree programs, but this is one detail you want to pay attention to before you even enroll.

Academic Calendars at Top Online MBA in Accounting Programs

The academic calendar for an online MBA in accounting degree program isn’t just about details like holidays and finals schedules. Understanding how your school’s academic calendar operates will help you determine what to expect when it comes to starting your education, planning your academic terms and preparing to graduate.

Saint Leo University, for example, offers six eight-week terms each year. New students can begin their studies during any of these terms, and students have the opportunity to take two courses per term if they wish. Because the school offers so many start dates and short terms, students can take advantage of the flexibility to earn their degree at their own pace, in as little as one year or as many as five years.

Other MBA in accounting programs offer a similar degree of flexibility through their academic calendars. Benedictine University is another school that offers six terms per year rather than a standard semester schedule. Strayer University offers four terms per year, allowing students to graduate in just 18 months or stretch their education out for three years. Liberty University offers nine start dates every year, with both eight-week and 16-week course options.

Choosing an Academic Schedule that Works for You

When you select a college, you should think strategically about how the academic calendar for an online MBA in accounting degree program will affect your workload and your degree completion time. To succeed, online college students need to spend about six hours a week per credit on their studies – or 18 hours a week for a single three-credit course, according to U.S. News & World Report. That can be a hefty workload, especially if you’re already juggling a job and family responsibilities.

Some students prefer to take fewer classes during shorter terms, so they can focus on just one or two courses at a time. Others would rather study on a regular semester-based calendar, so they have fewer stressful “crunch times” in a year. Other factors like how soon you want to start your educational journey and how soon you want to graduate can also impact your college decision.

Many students don’t think about the academic calendar for an online MBA in accounting degree program until after they start their education, but making it part of your college decision can help you make sure you’re choosing the right program for you.

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