What Exercises Can I Do at My Desk While I Work?

Today, it seems like individuals have begun to work more hours, and people have just had less time to exercise and keep themselves fit and active, as WebMD‘s Jean Lawrence states in her blog post.

Proper Sitting Posture

While not exactly an exercise, proper sitting posture can be extremely beneficial to your health. Your spine should stay in an upright position, your shoulders back, and the computer monitor should be level with your eyes. Make sure that your feet stay flat on the floor or a stool with your knees raised slightly higher than your hip. Remember to keep your wrists from resting on the keyboard or mouse pad unless there is a wrist rest on the pad.

Simple Stretching Exercises

While you are sitting down at your desk, stretch your arms, neck, and torso. These stretches will help keep you from feeling stiff.

  • Neck: Carefully flex your neck forward and then backward, and look right to left. Never roll your head around your neck, as this can cause extensive damage to your neck joints.
  • Shoulders and Arms: Place your hands on the edge of a desk, shoulder width from your body. Turn your hands so that they point toward you and lean forward, hunching your shoulders as you do.
  • Calves: While you are sitting, lift up your legs on the balls of your feet and then set them down. Repeat until your legs become comfortably tired.

Easy Exercises

To answer the question, “What exercises can I do at my desk while I work?” you need to examine your situation. You probably do not want to perform rigorous exercises while you are work, so here are a few easy and simple activities which can be beneficial to you.

  • Doorway Chest Stretch: Manuever to a doorway and raise each of your arms into an L position. Make sure that your elbows are at 90 degrees, and walk through the doorway until your elbows make contact with the door jam and you start to feel your chest stretch.
  • Upper Trap Stretch: Place one of your arms behind your back and then use the opposite arm to grab the top of your head and slowly pull it down and away from the arm behind your back.
  • Regular Walks: Every 30 minutes or so, get up and walk around the room to alleviate stress and keep your circulation going.


While these stretches and activities are beneficial to you and your health, keep in mind that it is not enough to stop doing regular exercises. Continue to do any exercises you may already do at the gym or at home to keep yourself fit and healthy.

These exercises will help to relieve stress, and improve your muscle health. They are most effective if you perform a different one about every five minutes. Even when you are not performing one of these exercises, you should be in motion, even if it is just fidgeting. The human body was not designed to sit absolutely still for long periods of time. Hopefully, you now have the answer to,”WHAT EXERCISES CAN I DO AT MY DESK WHILE I WORK?”.


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