What Credentials Do Online MBA in Accounting Instructors Have?

If you’re considering earning your degree online, you might question what credentials are required for online MBA in accounting instructors. After all, you want to know that the person teaching you is qualified. The professors teaching online courses typically have the same amount of education and experience – and sometimes, even more training – compared to those running traditional courses.

The Quality of Online Vs. Offline College Instructors

The perceptions that online college is easy and that the quality of an online degree program is lower than that of a traditional program are among the biggest myths about online education, according to U.S. News & World Report. Online programs are just as rigorous as on-campus ones, if not more difficult. The instructors of online courses might not be physically present in a classroom, but they still need to know their subject and be able to effectively communicate new concepts to students. The required credentials for online MBA in accounting instructors are just as demanding as the qualifications for professors who teach on campus.

Just because an instructor is teaching online doesn’t make him or her any less committed to the course or the students. In fact, a number of online instructors keep virtual office hours, times when online students can come to them to discuss concerns or questions, according to U.S. News.

The Qualifications for Becoming a Professor

College professors, or postsecondary teachers, need an advanced education in the subject they teach. At junior colleges, a master’s degree may suffice, while four-year colleges and universities typically look for a Ph.D., the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported. Real-world work experience is preferred, if not required, especially at prestigious schools. The credentials for online MBA in accounting instructors would be a graduate-level degree in business and accounting as well as successful work experience the professor can draw from while educating students.

Additional Training for Online MBA in Accounting Instructors

The credentials for online MBA in accounting instructors aren’t lenient just because they educate students in a virtual classroom. In fact, online MBA in accounting instructors may actually have more training than their on-campus counterparts, to help them learn how to effectively engage and interact with students in a course that includes no face-to-face interactions. The professor of an online course has the difficult job of trying to prevent students from feeling isolated or lost due to the lack of traditional structure in the class.

At Brenau University, for example, professors in the online program must take a four-week certification course before they are qualified to run a distance learning course. They also work with experienced mentors during the first online course they teach.

The credentials for online MBA in accounting instructors are just as strict as they are for traditional instructors, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a quality education whether you study on campus or in a virtual classroom.

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