What Are the Best High School Courses for Aspiring Accountants?

//What Are the Best High School Courses for Aspiring Accountants?
What Are the Best High School Courses for Aspiring Accountants? 2014-05-25T00:40:27+00:00

If you’re still in high school but you already know that a career in accounting is the right choice for you, then you have a great opportunity to get a head start in your education. To make the most of your high school education, take courses that are likely to help you in preparing for your accounting career and do your best even in courses that are not relevant to accounting but will strengthen your college application.

High School Courses in Accounting and More

In college, you will have to take extensive courses in both accounting and business, particularly if your goal is to become a certified public accountant (CPA). By taking as many accounting and business classes as you can during high school, you are setting yourself up for success in college and beyond.

High-school level accounting courses are fairly common. However, they are often so basic that even college accounting professors have referred to them as boring, which has prompted initiatives to make curricula more interesting and more rigorous, the Connecticut Post reported. Part of this ongoing effort is the attempt to create an advanced placement (AP) accounting course that would cover college-level accounting material and could translate to college credits for high school students. Though high school accounting courses may not yet be as challenging as an ambitious student could hope, it’s still important to learn the basics, such as documenting transactions and preparing financial statements. If your high school offers business courses such as economics, taking those classes can also help you develop the knowledge you will need to do well in college business courses. Mathematics courses and computer classes are also beneficial to future accountants.

As important as it is to take high school courses that are relevant to your future career, don’t neglect your other subjects. The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants advises aspiring accountants to remember that accounting isn’t all about numbers, but also about communicating and consulting with clients, so history, language, and liberal arts courses remain valuable.

Taking College-Level Courses in High School

One way you can make the most of your high school education is by taking advantage of any programs that allow you to earn college credit while you’re still in high school. AP courses in any discipline are one way to do this. You can also ask your guidance counselor what courses your high school offers that would prepare you to take tests through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) program, which can also gain you college credits.

Developing a thorough education background now will make college-level studies easier and allow you to better understand even the most advanced material as you pursue your bachelor’s in accounting degree. Taking accounting, business, and mathematics courses in high school can make a big difference when it comes to succeeding in your college-level studies. Getting good grades overall can also influence your chances of getting into your desired college.