Should I Double Major in Computer Science and Accounting?

//Should I Double Major in Computer Science and Accounting?
Should I Double Major in Computer Science and Accounting? 2014-10-27T18:17:26+00:00

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Not every aspiring accountant wants to study accounting exclusively. If you have a passion for computer technology as well as numbers and financial statements, a double major in accounting and computer science could be the perfect degree path to suit your interests and prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities.

What to Expect as a Double Major Student

The choice to study both computer science and accounting is so popular that some colleges and universities even offer special programs of study for students who choose to double major. Because they are completing two majors instead of one, these students will have a lot to learn. Students who double major in computer science and accounting will study topics ranging from accounting and auditing to computer networks and software engineering. They will have to master taxation, computer graphics and algorithms simultaneously. Because internship experiences are important for both accounting and computer science career paths, students need to make sure they make time to take advantage of whatever hands-on opportunities they can.

The Advantages of Double Majoring in Accounting and Computer Science

There are many benefits of pursuing a double major during your accounting education, ranging from expanded career opportunities to enhanced skills within either career. For one thing, earning two degrees instead of one often takes additional time, which is beneficial to students who want to complete the 150 semester credit hour requirement necessary to sit for the certified public accountant (CPA) examination but who might not want to pursue a master’s degree. Studying both computer science and accounting can also help students thoroughly develop their logic and problem-solving skills as well as mathematics skills, since both computer scientists and today’s accountants need to develop solutions to problems, whether that means creating new software programs or advising businesses on how to improve productivity and profits.

Having an educational background in both accounting and computer science can make you an appealing candidate to a wide variety of potential employers. You can become qualified to work in either field, and prospective employers may view your additional knowledge base as an added skillset and testament to your abilities. An accountant who also majored in computer science would presumably have above-average computer skills, while a computer scientist who studied accounting would understand budgeting and improving productivity to increase profits.

Double majoring can be a path to success, but it’s not for everyone. Students who do not have a solid interest in computer science, either as a major or as a future career path, may consider double majoring a distraction from their accounting studies. Even students who are interested in both subjects must manage their workload carefully to avoid hurting their grade point averages and internship experience. U.S. News & World Report recommended that students plan out their course schedules early on and make sure every class counts. For students with the interest and dedication, though, double majoring can be not only doable but also beneficial.