Should I Double Major in Business and Accounting?

As an ambitious accounting student, you want to make the most of your time in college and to maximize the value of your degree. Whether you’re eyeing a staff accountant position with a large or small accounting firm or an in-house job within a company or organization, you will be working in the business world. You might wonder if pursuing a double major – specifically in business and accounting – may help you appeal to potential employers and improve your opportunities for career advancement.

What to Expect from a Business and Accounting Double Major

Business is the most popular undergraduate major, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, so it makes sense that the academic program would be a common choice among students who pursue two or more majors. Though your accounting degree program is probably offered through your college’s business school, the coursework will be substantially different than that of a business major’s. Business or business administration degree programs typically cover a broader range of material than you will study if you only pursue an accounting degree. In an accounting degree program, you will learn the technical skills involved in accounting and the laws, principles and practices you will need to know to work as an accounting professional. Pursuing a business degree in addition to your accounting degree will allow you to learn other skills that will be useful in the business world, like how to communicate well with a variety of audiences, how to network with other professionals, how to analyze and solve problems, how to succeed at job interviews and how to manage projects and people.

Things to Consider Before Declaring a Double Major

Earning two undergraduate degrees is difficult. It requires a lot of work, not to mention time. Despite the difficulties, a well-organized and dedicated student can manage the workload. Planning ahead is essential, according to U.S. News & World Report, which urges students to decide on a double major early on, plan out their course schedules and take courses that give them the most return on investment. Majoring in two programs of study may look impressive, but it’s not the only qualification potential employers will consider. You will still have to do well in all of your classes and make time during the course of your studies for other activities, such as internships.

There are many benefits of pursuing a double major during your accounting education, but it’s not for everyone. Deciding whether or not to double major, and what additional subject to major in, is a personal decision that only you – with the guidance of advisors, respected professionals and your loved ones – can make. If you’re willing to put in the additional work to earn two undergraduate degrees and you believe that a business or business administration curriculum will teach you the skills you will need, then pursuing a double major in accounting and business could be an important step toward achieving your idea of professional success.

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