Is There Enough Employer Demand to Make Earning a Master’s in Accounting Degree Worthwhile?

If you’re wondering if earning a master’s in accounting degree is worth the time, effort and expense, you should consider employer demand for the credential. After all, a degree that your potential employers are specifically looking for has a better chance of helping you make the career moves you’re pursuing than a degree that’s less in demand. As it turns out, the number of employers seeking candidates with a master’s in accounting degree has spiked in recent years, which could mean the degree is your best chance to get the job you want.

Employer Demand for the Master’s in Accounting Degree

A 2014 study by the Graduate Management Admission Council showed that 45 percent of employers surveyed were intending to hire candidates who had earned a master’s in accounting degree, according to U.S. News & World Report. This number is up significantly since the previous survey, where only 36 percent of employers were seeking candidates with the degree.

What prospective master’s in accounting students may find most interesting is that these employers – hundreds of them from around the world – were actively looking for the qualification. It wasn’t merely a plus, something that gave candidates’ résumés a boost in the eyes of a hiring manager. Instead, employers were so interested in the credential that that they went out of their way to build recruiting relationships with students from the start of their enrollment, according to U.S. News.

Recruiting of Master’s in Accounting Students

In a typical master’s in accounting program, full-time students earn their degree in just one year of study. Employers eager to recruit these students start so early in the fall that many schools now begin preparing students for career success before classes even begin. At some institutions, master’s in accounting students work with their new school’s career services office on efforts like improving their résumés, drafting compelling cover letters and practicing for interviews during the summer before their graduate coursework starts, U.S. News reported.

Other Benefits of a Master’s in Accounting Degree

The recent and ongoing high level of employer demand is just one of many reasons to earn a master’s in accounting degree. If you already have a job in the field of accounting, a graduate degree could be your next step toward advancing to a higher-level position. For students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting, the accounting credits you earn as a graduate student can also help you fulfill the education requirements necessary to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

Whatever your reason for considering a master’s in accounting degree program, the current employer demand makes it a good time to pursue the degree. As long as you choose a program that provides a great value, you’re likely to find that, at least in today’s economy, earning your master’s in accounting degree is worthwhile.

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