How Long Does It Take to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Online?

One of the first questions to ask when choosing an online bachelor’s in accounting degree program is how long the program will take to complete. You need to know if a school limits the number of years you have to finish your degree, if it offers accelerated options and what resources are available to support your full-time or part-time studies. Some online undergraduate accounting programs can take substantially less time to complete than on-campus programs would, while others cater to part-time students and anticipate longer degree completion times.

Earn Your Degree Fast

If you’re looking for an online program that will help you earn your degree sooner, you’ll find great accelerated options among the top online bachelor’s degree in accounting programs in the nation. For example, students at Post University earn their bachelor’s in accounting degree in just 30 months on average – saving them more than a year of study compared to full-time students in traditional undergraduate programs. Just think what you could do with an extra year –time, income and full-time work experience.

You might be surprised how many students chose an online education so they can earn a degree faster. Nearly one in five students surveyed acknowledged that faster completion time was a main reason they wanted to study online, EdTech magazine reported. Many online programs, like Post University’s, achieve a faster degree completion time by offering accelerated courses (often as short as eight weeks in length) during several terms over the course of a year, rather than long semesters in the spring and fall.

Take Your Time

Not every student is eager to earn their degree right away – or able to invest enough hours to study full-time. That’s okay. Just as high-rated online bachelor’s in accounting degree programs often allow students to earn a degree faster, many programs allow for part-time study. Students who choose a self-paced degree program at Strayer University, for example, take six years on average to earn their degrees.

A program tailored to part-time students will have the resources to support students who can’t commit to studying full-time. Compared to schools that cater to full-time learners, these programs will allow you more time to complete your degree or choose not to restrict the time you have to finish your studies at all – and that factor is important when you’re in this for the long haul.

Remember, success isn’t about how long it takes to you achieve your goal of earning a degree – it’s just about accomplishing that goal. Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages to online education, and that’s as true when it comes to degree completion times as it is with course schedules and geographic location. Whether you’re looking for a part-time program or a full-time one, completion time matters. How long it will take to earn a degree can (and often should) factor into your college selection.

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