How Hard Is It for Master’s of Accounting Graduates to Find Jobs?

If you’re wisely keeping in mind the job market while considering your education options, you might wonder how hard it is for master’s of accounting graduates to find jobs. After all, you don’t want to invest your time, money and hard work into earning a degree that won’t help you advance your accounting career. However, the demand for qualified accounting professionals with a graduate education is strong right now – and if economic trends continue, this demand may grow even stronger.

The Job Outlook for Candidates With a Master’s of Accounting Degree

In recent years, it has actually become easier for graduates of master’s of accounting degree programs to find work. That’s because more employers are seeking candidates with this educational background. In 2013, more than one-third of employers surveyed intended to hire applicants with a master of accounting degree – and by 2014, that rate had jumped up to 45 percent, according to U.S. News & World Report.

What these statistics show is that it shouldn’t be hard for master’s of accounting graduates to find jobs. With employers searching specifically for the same specialized graduate degree you have earned, you will be off to a better start than students pursuing degrees in many other subjects.

How a Master’s of Accounting Degree Improves Your Job Prospects

One of the main reasons it is not hard for master’s of accounting graduates to find jobs in today’s economy is because employers know how valuable a strong graduate accounting background can be. Studying accounting at the master’s level doesn’t only help you understand and implement intermediate and advanced accounting principles and practices. It can also help you develop in-depth knowledge in an area of accounting and prepare to earn valuable professional certifications.

Many master’s of accounting degree programs offer students the opportunity to develop an academic concentration or specialization. By choosing a sought-after concentration like taxation, finance, auditing or forensic accounting, students can begin developing the kind of specialized knowledge that will impress employers. Having an in-demand specialization is particularly valuable if you’re pursuing a career in a niche area of accounting.

Often, a master’s of accounting degree program may also help students prepare to earn the certified public accountant (CPA) designation. This credential can boost earning potential and career opportunities on its own, but combining it with a graduate degree can improve your résumé even more. It certainly is not hard for master’s of accounting graduates to find jobs when they are also CPAs.

Earning a graduate degree in the field of accounting can enhance your résumé. The benefits are even more pronounced when you choose a degree program that prepares you for the CPA exam and helps you cultivate specialized knowledge of an in-demand area of accounting. Fortunately, it is not hard for today’s master’s of accounting graduates to find jobs where they can put their education to work.

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