How Can Earning My Online Master’s in Accounting Degree Help Me Become a CPA?

If you’re interested in a career as a Certified Public Accountant, you should know that earning your online master’s in accounting degree can help you become a CPA. For one thing, the extra year of schooling will help you complete enough credits to have the 150 semester hours required to become a CPA in most states. For another, a number of graduate accounting programs cater to students who intend to take the CPA exam, adjusting their curricula to make sure students learn all of the material that could come up on the test.

The Challenge of Passing the CPA Exam

The Uniform CPA Examination, or CPA exam, is a four-part test known for its difficulty. Although the test is scored on a range from zero to 99 points, you need a score of at least 75 to pass the exam, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) reported. It’s not unusual for passing rates for each section of the test to hover in the range of 40 to 50 percent, according to the AICPA.

How will you earn a passing score on this difficult exam? Fortunately, earning your online master’s in accounting degree can help you become a CPA by preparing you with the knowledge and skills needed not just to pass the test, but to succeed in the challenges CPAs face on a daily basis.

Online Master’s in Accounting Degrees That Focus on Training CPAs

A number of top online master’s in accounting programs expressly focus on getting students ready for the CPA exam. Earning your online master’s in accounting degree can be far more effective in helping you become a CPA when you choose one of these schools for your distance learning education.

For example, Vanderbilt University’s Master of Accountancy program incorporates a Becker CPA review course into the curriculum. So does Temple University’s Master of Accountancy program, where students have achieved a 70 percent pass rate on the CPA exam. Auburn University’s Master of Accountancy has made it a priority to help students pass on their first attempt – and as a result, Auburn graduates achieved an 80 percent pass rate.

Many aspiring CPAs who aren’t enrolled in graduate accounting programs choose review materials like Becker’s self-study course to prepare for the test. However, when you’re earning your online master’s in accounting degree, what can really help you become a CPA is combining these review materials with valuable lessons from experienced accounting instructors. This way, you’re not just memorizing information for a test. You’re learning about the practical applications of that knowledge from professors who really know the field.

When you choose the right school, earning your online master’s in accounting degree can help you become a CPA due to the college’s focus on preparing students for the test and for the demands of a public accounting career.

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