Can I Earn My Bachelor’s in Finance Degree Faster by Studying Online?

If you want to earn your undergraduate degree quickly and start your finance career sooner rather than later, then online education can help make it happen. Not every online school will allow you go get your degree faster than a traditional education would allow, but a number of top online bachelor’s in finance programs offer accelerated course schedules and numerous start dates so students can begin – and finish – earning their degrees quickly.

Accelerated Completion Times

A bachelor’s degree is commonly called a “four-year” degree, but it doesn’t always take four years. In fact, fewer than half of all college students complete their bachelor’s degrees in four years, and the median time it takes to earn an undergraduate degree is 52 months, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Fortunately, some online bachelor’s in finance degree programs are offered in accelerated formats that allow students to not only finish earning their degrees on time but actually complete their education early. For example, Post University’s Bachelor of Science in Finance takes about 36 months to finish, getting students out into the workforce a whole year earlier than students in traditional programs.

An accelerated program typically requires the same amount of credits as a traditional program. An entire course load of work is condensed into a shortened semester, usually lasting somewhere between six and eight weeks. In some ways, accelerated programs are more work than traditional programs, because a semester’s worth of work must be completed in about half the time. However, many schools that offer accelerated courses over shortened academic terms operate on a schedule in which students take few courses at a time. If you fear that you might have trouble balancing assignments and study time for a full load of classes, choosing a school that allows you to take fewer courses at once can help you manage your time and keep on top of your work.

Multiple Start Dates

What are you waiting for? At schools with traditional semester-based academic calendars and rigid enrollment periods, you might have to wait several months before you can even apply, much less begin your studies. Fortunately, many online bachelor’s in finance degree programs offer multiple start dates throughout the year, so you can begin your education in a matter of weeks. Upper Iowa University, for example, offers six term start dates each year.

You’re not alone in wanting to finish your education early so you can get a head-start in the working world. About 18 percent of online students chose to study online due to faster completion times, while 37 percent factored accelerated courses into their education decisions, EdTech magazine reported. To meet this demand for an education that is at once quick and thorough, a number of today’s online bachelor’s in finance degree programs are embracing accelerated course options, shorter term lengths and frequent start dates throughout the academic year.

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