Are There Any Exciting Jobs in Accounting?

When it comes to choosing a career, one of the most important aspects is picking a job that will excite you and keep you entertained. So the question remains, “If your career is in Accounting, are there any exciting jobs in this career field where you can mix your personal interests with your numbers skills?” You would be surprised that the answer is a big “Absolutely!” And here are a few of the many thrilling Accounting jobs out there.

Interesting Job #1: Forensic Accountant
If you like detective work, then this job is a great way for you to be involved in the crime scenes while working with your love for numbers at the same time. Forensic Accountants work together with professionals such lawyers, the police, government agents, and even insurers to solve the financial riddles. They investigate financial crimes like fraud or tax infringement, and then draw up their findings to use in the solving the mystery.

Interesting Job #2: International Accountant
We all would savor the opportunity to travel around the world, especially if its paid for by our job. Imagine having the chance to see the world while following your passion of working with figures. Welcome to the life and career of International Accountants! This particular interesting accounting job will involve you traveling abroad for your internationally operated company. This will also allow the chance for you to discover new financial strategies and learn amazing new techniques. Best of all, you get to take what you have learned and experienced home with you!

Interesting Job #3: Entertainment Accountant
Do you also have an interest in the entertainment world, including being in the shadow of writers, actors, directors, and other creative individuals? If you answered “yes,” then having a job as an Entertainment Accountant will be exhilarating. You will assist artists in ensuring that their business is a financial success by being in charge of what, how, and where the company’s money is spent. You can even help the prominent artists avoid humiliating financial schemes.

Interesting Job #4: Hollywood Accountant
Hollywood is where the famous actors are. If you are a movie fan, becoming an accountant for the well-known movie figures will open up a new door for you. You will get to manage the movie budgets, sales and merchandise taxes, licensing, and much more! In addition to all of this, you can say “hello” to being invited to the notorious and illustrious parties!

Interesting Job #5: Major League Accountant
Sports, sports, sports! You will be cheering your team on from the financial department. You will be in the mingle of the millions of dollars that the professional sports teams and sports companies are bringing in. And when you want that wonderful ticket to watch a game, there is a huge possibility that it will be free!

Interesting Job #6: Fashion Label Accountant
Boy oh boy! What a wonderful job this will be! Working in the fashion industry is every person’s dream. You will have the liberty of managing the financial aspects for big brand companies, and maybe even Louis Vuitton or Gucci. You will be handling funding for long-term purchasing of materials and coordinating the company’s budgets, forecasts, and headcount analysis.

These unusual but extremely intriguing Accounting jobs will always have you wanting to go back to work. Finding a job that will constantly maintain your fascination is very essential for your success in the job. According to Forbes, more than two million Americans are voluntarily leaving their jobs every month due to being unhappy in their corporate jobs (2016). Do not let this become you. Find that appealing Accounting job!


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