Are All Accounting Jobs Boring?

Many young, energetic business school students steer clear of an accounting major for fear that they’ll be stuck with only boring accounting jobs. It’s a popular misconception that accounting is solely about crunching numbers and balancing financial statements. Accounting is a highly diverse and in-demand field focused on the “language of business.” Professional accountants use their financial expertise to wear many hats in their organizations, so boredom won’t get the chance to set in. Accounting professionals can handle all sorts of tasks from preparing payroll and auditing internal controls to building business strategy and aiding in executive strategic planning. Gaining a background in accounting can open doors across today’s competitive global economy.

Ideal Personality for Accounting Jobs

Accounting doesn’t have to be boring, but not everyone is cut out for working in this math-oriented profession. Accountants can have fun at work if they’re truly destined to the career path. Ideally, accounting professionals should be detail-oriented individuals who are comfortable analyzing data, explaining complex ideas, and presenting their reports orally. Accounting is perfect for critical thinkers who love studying figures and solving money problems like puzzles. Accountants typically thrive in an office setting where they can strongly appreciate predictability, stability, and unwavering rules. Accounting requires fine-tuned analytical, communication, mathematical, and organizational skills. If you adore balancing your checkbook and examining your investment portfolio, then maybe you’re meant for accounting.

Exciting Accounting Specializations

Accounting can be more stimulating when you select a niche specialization that suits your own individual interests. Steering your accounting career toward a certain concentration will make certain you’re using your skills to the fullest. For instance, aspiring accountants thrilled by solving and preventing crime could maximize their careers in forensic accounting. Those who wish to form in-depth client relationships and provide helpful advice could work in personal financial planning. Professionals who enjoy spending the bulk of their time on the computer could specialize in accounting information systems. Accountants who love the challenge of staying up-to-date with changing federal regulations may select a tax specialization.

Ways to Avoid Boring Accounting Jobs

Entry-level staff accounting jobs tend to be the most rudimentary and thus boring. Many new accountants start out with simply entering financial data in software or filing financial records with reporting bureaus. The best way to avoid boredom is to seek advancement. Earning a master’s degree in accounting from an accredited business school will likely help. Master’s programs usually offer specialization tracks for tailoring your skills. Advancing to the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential can also help keep things interesting. CPAs are given more responsibilities in mid- to upper-level positions. Boredom certainly won’t be a problem for any accountants moving into roles like comptroller, CFO, or even CEO.

In the past, accounting may have been a boring cubicle job requiring only a calculator and no creative imagination. Accounting in the 21st century has become more complex in analyzing all financial decisions make for keeping organizations profitable. Accountants play a pivotal role in helping managers make the strategic moves that keep revenue high and spending costs low. According to the BLS, accounting jobs will grow slightly faster than average by 13 percent through 2022 for around 166,700 new openings nationwide. If you’re a tech-savvy problem solver and concrete thinker, accounting could be a stable career choice rife with opportunity.

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